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The Z3 Project is an initiative of the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, California. Since 2015, a vast array of voices from across the political spectrum have converged annually in Palo Alto to create a new model for how World Jewry and Israel engage for the 21st century.

In our fifth year of programming, and after reaching thousands of people, we are scaling our Z3 Conferences nationally and are now reaching many more thousands across the country! In addition to our conferences, we promote a peoplehood oriented Zionism and stronger bonds between Diaspora Jewry and Israel, through partnerships, events, and seminars. 

In our work we rely on three core operating principles:

  • Unity, Not Uniformity: The Z3 Project aims to honor our differences while working for the oneness of the Jewish People.
  • Engaging as Equal Partners:  The Z3 Project brings together Israelis and Diaspora Jews to build our common future. 
  • Diversity of Voices:  The Z3 Project convenes Zionists of differing backgrounds and perspectives across the political and religious spectrums. 

We believe that elevating the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jews is of paramount importance to the flourishing of our people- we welcome you to join the conversation!

For the first time in Jewish history, there is both a strong Jewish Homeland and a strong Jewish Diaspora. And it raises fundamental questions about our Jewish future. What will the relationship between these two thriving centers of Jewish life look like? Will there even be an intersection, or will two separate and distinct Jewish populations and cultures develop over the next several generations? The new paradigm for that relationship is Zionism 3.0.

The Z3 Project operates out of the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto to promote a stronger relationship between Diaspora Jewry and Israel. We are dedicated to modeling how Zionism can evolve, and how the community can come together to discuss their relationship with Israel in a meaningful way. Ultimately, we are looking to bridge both the knowledge and emotional gap between our communities and Israel. 


To bridge the growing gaps, we offer a wide variety of programs addressing a broad spectrum of topics. Our flagship program is our annual Z3 Conference, in this event, we host speakers and presenters from across the Jewish world. In addition to our local conference, we assist other locations in producing their own Z3 events. Furthermore, throughout the year, we offer speakers, seminars, and workshops to our community to continue and enhance their engagement with Israel in a meaningful way. The Z3 Project also partners with שזור/Interwoven, providing curated experiences for visiting Israelis in the Bay-Area. These Israelis, who are here for a limited period of time, are prime candidates to serve as bridge-builders upon their return to Israel. 

Our multi-faceted work targets a broad range of demographics. We offer community-wide events, educational experiences for
students, as well as leadership events. In touching all levels of the Jewish community, the Z3 Project grows its reach and ability to effect change in the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry.

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About Us

Z3The Z3 Project is a program of the OFJCC promoting the evolution of Zionism and the rejuvenation of the relationship between Diaspora Jews and Israelis, based on Peoplehood, shared values, and a common destiny.

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3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303

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